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VCS Lesson Plan Generator

This tool is designed to help you rapidly develop differentiated lesson plans based on proven strategies supported by research. Use any or all of the features below to generate your lesson plan.

Content Standard Focus

Select the appropriate subject, grade level, and content standard for the lesson. While you may be teaching to multiple standards in a single lesson, this standard should be the primary focus of the lesson.

Lesson Topic/Content/Unit

Provide details that describe the content of the lesson including the period or class block, the topic or thematic unit of the lesson, materials and resources that you will utilize, and the homework assignment (if any).

Methodological Focus

Choose methodological approaches for the lesson. The methodology will be accompanied by modifications and accommodations based on student needs. Also select the primary method you will utilize for formative assessment.

Differentiation Strategies

Select any combination of differentiation strategies below. Strategies may be combined based on your methodological focus and the needs of the student population you are serving in this lesson.

Group/Center/Station Activities

If you are using Guided Practice in this lesson, briefly the describe the learning activities for up to three groups. These may be center-based activities, modified or scaffolded assignments, varying methods of assessment, or any creative combination of various grouping and differentation strategies.

Show/Hide Additional Groups

Faith Integration Focus

Choose a faith-integration focus for the lesson. Try to select a faith integration standard that aligns with the state standard you selected for the lesson or a faith integration standard that is relevant to the content of the lesson.

Generate and Customize Lesson Plan

When you have finished making your selections and inputting the details above, click the button below to generate a lesson plan. Use [CTRL]+[A] to select all of the text above and [CTRL]+[C] to copy it. You can paste into another location such as RenWeb, Google Drive, or Microsoft Word.

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